Photo Idea: Recreate Your Parents’ Wedding Pictures

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Modern wedding photographers just don’t shoot like they did 40 years ago. The blogs, the photographer “about us” pages use words like “Not your parents’ wedding photography!” and “Not your mother’s wedding album!” Most of the time this is a good thing- wedding photography has moved beyond the posed images of the past to more artistic, more candid, and more personal pictures. But how much more personal can it get than incorporating your parent’s wedding pictures into your wedding shots? Of course the idea of “family” shifts over time so it doesn’t have to be a direct recreation- you could do something like the first image here. It’s a great way to preserve and add to your family histories.

Hand Image: Ana Lui Photography, via Fly Away Bride
Recreation: Bride Rachel Sewell was so wonderful to contact us about this photo.  Here’s what she said!

“I’m happy to report that I do know who took it! I’m the bride in the bottom photo, and Neal Troester from Lemon Lime Photography took the photo. I can’t say I know the photographer from 1978 in my parents’ wedding photo, though. Thanks for giving Neal credit! You can also give those of us in the photo a shout-out (the recreation was my idea): 1978: Thomas and Opal Carter (parents of the bride); bride: Kimberlee Carter. 2011: Mark and Kimberlee Yeakley (parents of the bride); bride: Rachel Yeakley. (not pictured: Zach Sewell; my 2011 groom!)


Behind every trending picture on Pinterest is a real couple and a real photographer, folks!

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